Keep all of your passwords secure, organised and easily accessible

PasswordPaste is a powerful yet simple password manager for Windows that helps you keep your passwords safely encrypted but easily accssible and simple to paste into whatever application or web page you need to. Password managers help you maintain a secure collection of passwords that you use at different web sites or in other applications you might use. The key things that a great password manager must have are safe, secure storage of your passwords and the ability to easily and quickly retrieve your passwords when you need them. Ideally a great password manager will allow you to paste your password straight into the form you are filling in, with the minimum of fuss.

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PasswordPaste is available as a 7-day trial at no cost.

If you decide to continue using PasswordPaste after the trial period then you will need to purchase a license at a very afforable price

There are no restrictions in the trial version other than the time limited period. All features are fully functional in the trial version

Free Trial Period : 7 dayssample

Purchase Price : US $3.99

Restrictions in Trial Version : None


AES Strong Encryption (256-bit)

PasswordPaste uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to protect passwords

PasswordPaste uses 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption to protect passwords at rest in the PasswordPaste database.

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There When You Need It

PasswordPaste follows the active window so it is there when you need it

PasswordPaste follows the active window and positions itself nicely in the titlebar just to the left of the minimize, maximize and close buttons. Configurable tracking rules allow you to customize how PasswordPaste follows (or doesn't follow) windows based on part or all of the window title. This gives you more control and the ability to tell PasswordPaste not to follow certain types of windows

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Folders allow you to organise your passwords and other paste items

Folders allow you to organise your passwords and other paste items to make them easy to find and use. Rather than storing everything in one long list, set up nested folders to organise everything in a way that suits you and the way that you think.


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Direct Paste

Paste the selected password or paste item directly in to the current window

When you select a password or paste item from the dropdown menu, the selected item is pasted directly in to the current field in the current window. If the select item is encrypted and password protected then you will be prompted to enter your master password first to verify that PasswordPaste is allowed to decrypt the selected password and paste it in to the current window for you. If you have password caching turned on and you have entered your master password within the amount of time you have configured then PasswordPaste decrypts the password and pastes it without forcing you to re-enter your master password every single time.

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More Than Just Passwords

PasswordPaste allows you to securely store and paste more than just passwords

Securely store, organize and paste more than just plain text passwords in PasswordPaste. Credit card details, bank account numbers, passport information, and so on. Plain text paste items will paste into the current point of the current application using the currently selected font and size. Make use of Rich Text paste items to store RTF formatted text, images and other objects. Paste these into an application that supports RTF and your text colour, font, size and images are maintained as you created them.


Windows Clipboard

PasswordPaste makes use of the standard Windows clipboard

PasswordPaste makes use of the standard Windows clipboard to copy paste items into the current application. If the application you want to paste into needs a special combination of keys in order to work then PasswordPaste allows you to customize the paste event for that application.


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Latest Version : 3.01.4

Release Notes : Changed purchase mechanism to use